Mother’s Day ideas to stay connected while staying apart!

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10th and we are sharing a video with one of our favorite iced tea recipes for our Mother’s Day Tea in a box idea!

Mother’s Day Ideas to stay connected while staying apart!

What can you do? I have some ideas I would like to share today.

1. Mother’s Day Tea in a Box!

For the first time ever, you may not be seeing your Mom face-to-face. There are no rules for how to do Mother’s Day during a pandemic. The best you can do is to make your mom feel acknowledged and appreciated. That does’t mean rushing to Amazon to buy expensive gift. Instead why not support a small local business and create a Mother’s Day Tea in a Box! Start with a vase of fragrant cut flowers from a local grower. Add a jar of local honey, a book, teacup and a Tealightful Tea Break box. Include fresh baked goods from a local bakery. Include a pitcher of flash-chilled Sun Fruit Sangria and a beautiful handmade card or gratitude jar!

2. Give her a jar of gratitude.

Get a Mason jar and some pretty paper. Cut the paper into strips and write a favorite childhood memory on each one. Fold the papers and fill the jar with memories. Similarly, you can write qualities you admire about your mom or something you would like to thank her for on each slip. Once you have filled the jar, adorn it with a beautiful bow and gift tag.

3. Do a bit of gardening.

gardening tips and gifts from seed natural face and body care

Something you could do would be to purchase her favorite flowers and then plant them for her in her garden. This would be a beautiful surprise you could share without her knowing. Plant the flowers, then give her a call to reveal your surprise of beautiful new flowers.

No matter how you spend your day, make sure it is spent well and with those you love.

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